PAXTER GmbH is a medical distributor company with its headquarter in Wiesbaden, Germany but carry out its main activities Northern African markets. Our multidisciplinary team of experts cover a number of different specialties within the medical industry.

Our Mission

PAXTER GmbH is a distribution company that aims to provide our clients with the latest medical equipment technology, in the least possible time, whilst providing them with an outstanding After-Sale Service

Our vision

To provide our clients with an outstanding After-Sale Service.

Our Services

Installation & Maintenance

We allocate a significant amount of resources towards our service department in order to provide our clients with the most effective regional cover in the shortest amount of time. Read More…


Paxter will take care of the delivery process of the equipment. We have a clear understanding of the market and it’s distribution network. We use that knowledge that we have acquired through extensive and thorough research to choose the best and safest delivery option for our clients in the shortest time possible.Read More…

Project Management

Paxter provides support in the overall coordination of the project. We can provide our clients with reliable information regarding architectural, mechanical and electrical disciplines to facilitate the success of their projects.Read More…